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Past Productions

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"I loved playing Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol'. It was a real

challenge but it was worth all the hard work."

Gavin, Gylemuir Senior Member.

"the best part was learning all

the songs and the dance routines. i loved performing for the audience."

Megan, Gylemuir Junior Member.

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Email:  actingcrazytheatreschool@gmail.com

Web:  www.actingcrazy.co.uk


Acting Crazy has produced over 60 shows during the past 18 years. Below  are just some of

the productions we have performed.



Cindy is a re-working of the classic fairy tale Cinderella and sees our herione thrown into the 21st Century . This musical is full of catchy songs and big chorus numbers that has proved a massive hit with audiences.

A Christmas Carol

A firm favourite with both cast and audiences alike, this Christmas classic follows Ebenezer Scrooge as he is forced to learn the true meaning of Christmas spirit. This play is packed full of Christmas Carols and colourful characters.

The Dracula Rock Show

This comedy-horror rock-musical follows Count Dracula on his quest to form a rock band to act as a cover for his monsterous lust for blood. Think The Addam's Family meets The X Factor!


Hot on the heels of Oliver! comes Olivia. Having recently escaped from Mrs. Murdstone's Poor House, Olivia finds herself thrown into the hustle and bustle of London. It's not long before she crosses some familiar characters such as Fagin and the Artful Dodger. A great musical full of catchy and memorable songs.

Robin Hood

This retelling of the classic story sees Robin fighting to save Lady Marian from the evil clutches of the Sheriff of Nottingham. A brilliant Christmas Pantomime, Robin Hood is full of catchy songs and hilarious characters. This show has been enjoyed by both our Junior and Senior casts.

A Night At The Theatre

This play performed by our Senior Classes sees a cast of down and out actors hunting for their Director after his mysterious disappearance. Little do they know that they are not alone backstage after dark...

What A Knight!

A castle full of colourful characters from a talking dragon to Merlin is the setting for this brilliant Medieval Musical. Follow Watt Cobblers on the biggest quest of his life as he tracks down Excalibur and saves King Arthur's beautiful daughter.


This musical extravaganza follows two gangs of boys and girls struggling to co-exist in their small community. Full of catchy songs, this production has been performed by many different casts over the years.

Indiana Bones & The Lost Bone of Anubis

Follow our intrepid four legged explorer Indiana Bones and his computer-chipped canine side-kick Scruffles as they search the world for the Lost Bone of Anubis. This was performed by our youngest ever cast of P1-P3's at a special Holiday Course.


“Ye-Ha!” squeezes all the fun and adventure of the Wild West into a wonderfully wild musical comedy. Something stinks in Splodge City - and it ain't the drains! Mad Dog McNut and his gang are running wild and Wilbur Hubbard lands the job no-one wants...Sheriff of Splodge.

"I LOVE when we start rehearsing the shows for the end of term. It's really cool when all the acting, music and lighting comes together."

Becky, Gylemuir Junior Member.

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Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night was devised by one of our Senior Casts and explores the many ghost stories of Edinburgh's haunted past and present...

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Craiglockhart Junior Cast, "What A Knight!" Winter 2012