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Craiglockhart Summer

2013 Productions

Craiglockhart Junior Cast

Craiglockhart Senior Cast

 Cindy 2 olivia 2

Join orphaned Olivia as she embarks on an adventure to London, seeking fortune to save her friends at Mrs Murdstone's Poor House. This brilliant musical is filled with memorable tunes as well as fantastic characters such as Eliza Doolittle the down and out Flower Girl and the unforgetable Fagin!

What do you get when you cross Cinderella with High School Musical and throw in a hint of Glee? Cindy, of course! This modern take on Cinderella is filled with catchy tunes, tear jerking ballads and outrageous characters. Follow the students of Forest Fields Centre for the Performing Arts as they desperately try to sing, dance and act their way to keeping their beloved College from closing down.



Our Craiglockhart Casts have just completed their second run of shows at St. Bride's Theatre. Congratualtions to everyone on two fantastic shows.

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Production Shot CD's for this show can still be purchased, priced at £2.00 each.


Please email or phone us to order yours.

Craiglockhart Summer 2013 Photos

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Craiglockhart Winter

2013 Productions

Craiglockhart Junior Cast

Craiglockhart Senior Cast

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in our fantastic Winter Productions

at St. Bride's Theatre.

light1 Peter Pan Poster

Embark on a magical adventure to the land of Neverland with Wendy, John and Michael as Peter Pan and the Lost Boys struggle to overcome the dastardly Captain Hook. Full of lovely songs, this classic play is

certain to fill you with Christmas cheer.

Join Dorothy, Aunt Em, Tin-Man, Scarecrow, Lion and...Elvis?...as they embark on their quest to meet the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. Hot on their tails is the wicked witch Olga with her devious plans to steal the ruby slippers from Dorothy. This hilarious pantomime is suitable for children and adults alike and is guarenteed to make you laugh.

Peter Pan

The Wizard of Oz

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